The Difference Between Silicone and PU Watch Band

silicone and pu watch bands

Silicone watch bands and PU (polyurethane) watch bands are two different materials commonly used in watch bands. Joyawatch produce hundreds of different styles of silicone watch bands and PU watch bands in good quality. Here are some differences between the two: 1.  Material: Silicone is a synthetic rubber made from silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, […]

How To Make A Custom Silicone Watch Strap

custom silicone watch strap

Silicone watch straps are widely used today. It’s safe, durable and comfortable material to make watch straps. You can find a lot of apple watch bands made by silicone rubber. To make a silicone watch strap, you will need the following materials: Silicone rubber gel Catalyst (hardener) Watch strap mold Buckles or Clasp Here are […]

Wholesale 23mm Luminox Watch Band Rubber Replacement Straps

As a unique adventure brand, Luminox customer list is impressive like U.S Navy Seals, IDF Special Forces, U.S Coast Guard, The USAF, Singapore Air Force, police departments and so on. Most Luminox watches have a 44mm watch case with 23mm width watch band. Joyawatch supply 23mm luminox watch band rubber replacement strap fits for many […]

How to Clean and Care for Leather Watch Strap

how to clearn leather watch strap

Leather watch straps are mostly made of calfskin, crocodile skin, shark skin, ostrich skin, etc. Our Wholesale leather watch straps have good glossy and elastic effect and very durable. The leather contains preservatives and other agentias used for drying to stabilize the cortite. If you wear the leather strap by improper methods such as wearing […]

The Difference Between Silicone and Rubber

Silicone and rubber material are very often used to make sports & casual watch bands or wristbands. These two materials are very similar and are often confused frequently, but where the difference lies during the manufacturing process. Silicone is a totally synthetic element and rubber is the result of a combination of synthetic and natural […]

What Are The Advantages of Silicone Watch Bands

Joya watch silicone watch bands are more environmentally friendly, low production costs, rich and fashionable colors, comfortable to wear in different seasons, and easy to customize and produce. Compared to PU watch bands, silicone watch bands are softer and more elastic. Compared to metal watch bands, silicone watch bands are more comfortable in the cold season. Compared with leather watch bands, silicone watch bands are easier to clean, maintain, and durable, and are cheaper.