What Are The Advantages of Silicone Watch Bands

As one of the most popular watch band material, silicone watch band is often used in various types of children’s watches, fashion watches and leisure watches. Silica gel material is a huge family, divided into two major families: inorganic silica gel and organic silica gel. Joya Watch can produce hundreds of different types of silicone watch bands. If you need to purchase silicone watch bands in stock or custom silicone watch bands, please contact us.

There are many advantages for silicone watch bands compare to other material watch bands.

  • Silicone watch bands are more environmentally friendly, low production costs, rich and fashionable colors. It is very comfortable to wear in different seasons and easy to customize.
  • Silicone watch bands are softer and more elastic than PU watch bands.
  • Compare with metal watch bands, silicone watch bands are more comfortable in the cold season.
  • Compared with leather watch bands, silicone watch bands are easier to clean, maintain, and durable, and are cheaper.

We of use organic silicon gel material to make watch bands. It is a small branch of the silicone family named room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV) . The raw materials for the production of silicone watch bands are silicon powder, methanol and hydrochloric acid. Silicone rubber can be finally obtained through a series of complex chemical processes. After a period of vulcanization reaction, it can be cured and molded. Adding different additives can make the silica gel material into different specific gravity, hardness, strength, color and texture. Compared with the natural rubber watch band, silicone watch band will not have bacteria growth. Its surface tension is very low. It is not easy to be deformed by sweat and rain. Therefore, the useage life of silicone watch band is good.

The weakness of silicone watch band

  • Silicone is not omnipotent, and its tear resistance is in the lower category of rubber. Therefore, the connection part between the silicone watch band and the metal buckle is prone to small cracks due to large external forces.
  • When using a silicone watch band, you need to pay attention to the connecting part of the watch band and the metal buckle, and do not pull it vigorously.
  • In addition, use a soft cloth to clean the silicone watch band from time to time to remove some hard dust particles to prevent them from scratching the surface of the silicone to produce small cracks, which can also effectively extend the life of the watch band.

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