The Difference Between Silicone and Rubber

Silicone and rubber material are very often used to make sports & casual watch bands or wristbands. These two materials are very similar and are often confused frequently, but where the difference lies during the manufacturing process. Silicone is a totally synthetic element and rubber is the result of a combination of synthetic and natural components.

The rubber applied to the Watch Straps (Wristband) is usually more durable, it is resistant to sweat and salt water. It is not an elastic material so its perception is solid and supports friction better. Rubber straps are an innovative material of the latest generation that is becoming more and more important in the market of “sport” men’s watches. The advantage of the silicone is that it is more economical, is softer to the touch and has elasticity unlike rubber. Silicone wristband can be cracked quite easily and with their synthetic component they stick more easily to all kinds of particles and materials, so it is often necessary to clean them to remove those adhesives.

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